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Please note that our dine in prices differs from the takeaway menu.

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Ala-Carte Menu

1. Entrees
2. Soup
3. Kids Menu
4. Whole Fish
5. Mains - Savoury Selection
6. Mains - Curry Selection
7. Mains - Sweet Selection
8. Mains - Spicy Selection
9. Vegetables
10. Rice and Noodles

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Takeaway Menu

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1. Rainbow Seafood Roll (4 Pieces) - $15
deep fried minced calamari & prawn rolled in seaweed wrapping with seafood stick, thinly sliced fish and carrot stick served with sweet and sour sauce

2. Spring Roll (4 Pieces) - $9
vegetables rolled in crunchy pastry and deep fried served with sweet and sour sauce

3. Satay Chicken (4 Pieces) - $12
chicken skewered on bamboo sticks served with our aromatic peanut sauce and pieces of cucumber

4. Steamed Dim Sum (4 Pieces) - $11
steamed minced chicken dumplings topped with soy sauce

5. Curry Puff (4 Pieces) - $11
traditional Malaysian curry puff with vegetables, curry spices and potato wrapped in puff pastry and deep fried until golden brown

6. Lettuce Wrap (4 Pieces) - Chicken $17 / Seafood $24
sauteed minced chicken or seafood, topped with crushed peanuts

7. Quail (2 Whole Birds) - $20
succulent quails marinated overnight in herbs, spices, chillies, ginger and wok fried to perfection

8. Peking Duck Platter (4 Pieces) - $22
top thin layer duck skin and meat together with cucumber, shallots and Hoisin sauced rolled in a pancake

9. Calamari Balls (4 Pieces) - $9
minced calamari seasoned with herbs and spices rolled into balls and deep fried

10. Crab Claws (4 Pieces) - $17
minced prawn and crab wrapped round crab claws coated with bread crumbs

11. Worms - $15
crispy dry beef strips

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1. Chicken or Crabmeat with Sweet Corn - Chicken $11 / Seafood $18
sliced chicken and egg or diced crabmeat with sweet corn

2. Hot and Sour Sze Chuan - $15
luscious thick stock with finely chopped chicken, prawns and vegetables seasoned with chilli powder and spices to your taste
image - refer to chilli guide

3. Tom Yum Gong - $15
Thai style hot and sour clear prawn soup with mushroom, lemon grass and blend of spices
image - refer to chilli guide

4. Won Ton - $11
clear soup with won ton dumplings - minced chicken and vegetables wrapped in pastry

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Kids Menu (up to 10 years of age)

comes with glass of soft drink and vanilla ice cream for dessert

1. Kid's Nibblies - $15
spring roll, calamari balls, chicken nuggets and chips

2. Kid's Fish and Chips - $15

3. Kid's Chicken & Fried Rice - $15

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Whole Fish

1. Whole Lemon Sole - $35
wok fried whole flounder with chilli, spices, ginger until skin is crispy.
image - refer to chilli guide

2. Whole Coral Trout - $8/100gram
prepared either traditional chinese style or steamed with garlic and chilli sauce (please allow thirty minutes preparation)
image - refer to chilli guide

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Mains - Savoury Selections

1. Roast Duck - Half Duck $32 / Whole Duck $48
our chef's special, traditionally prepared duck with lots of tender and care (customers' favorite)

2. Steak & Mushroom - $29
melts-in-your-mouth bite size pieces of tenderloin steak with mushroom, sautted in our chefs black pepper sauce

3. Michael's Steak - $29
tenderloin steak, mushroom and cucumber sauteed with a blend of spicy barbeque and peanut flavour

4. Crispy Seafood - $29
prawns, coral trout fish fillets, calamari and scallops deep fried and wok tossed with ginger, pepper, sea salt and fresh cillies accompanied with spicy dipping sauce
image - refer to chilli guide

5. Steamed Coral Trout Fillet - $38
coral trout fillets with our chef's special mixed soy sauce and topped with ginger and shallots or with garlic and chilli sauce
image - refer to chilli guide

6. Ginger Lamb - $23
tender lamb sauteed with shredded ginger, mushroom, sesame, herbs and spices.

7. Beef with Black Bean Sauce - $22
tender, top quality steak sauteed with black bean sauce until meat melts in your mouth

8. Abalone & Mushroom - $38
braised sliced abalone, shittake mushroom and Buk Choy (chinese cabbage) with oyster sauce

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Mains - Curry Selections

image - refer to chilli guide

1. Malaysia Beef Curry - $22
top quality beef and potato with Malaysian curry spices and coconut milk

2. Lamb Rendang - $23
Malaysian curry favorite with fresh herbs, hand ground spices, cooked with toasted coconut flakes

3. Hot Wok Seafood - $29
fresh king prawns, calamari, sea scallops and coral trout fish fillet mixed with an exquisite blend of Arabic spices, herbs and freshly squeezed coconut milk

4. Nyonya Beef - $22
a dish derived from the Malay, Portuguese and Chinese culture featuring sauteed beef with various spices, coconut milk and pineapple

5. Pumpkin Chicken or Beef Curry - $25
corn-fed chicken or top quality tender beef with an exotic mix of pumpkin, lemongrass, chillies, curry leaf, coconut milk and our chef's special curry sauce

6. Malacca Chicken - $22
inspired by the cuisine in Malacca, one of Malaysia's state, is our corn-fed chicken fillet with an exclusive blend of mild curry sauce delicately flavoured with herbs, coconut milk and topped with toasted coconut flakes

7. Thai Yellow Curry Fish - $29
Thai style curry with coral trout fillet

8. Thai Green Beef or Lamb Curry - Lamb $20 / Beef $22
sweet Thai style green curry with lamb or beef

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Mains - Sweet Selections

1. Mongolian Lamb - $28
succulent lamb and onion brought to you with a hot plate and cooked to perfection on your table

2. Crispy Prawn with Oates - $29
king prawns wok fried with a combination of chillies, oates and creamy flavour
image - refer to chilli guide

3. Butter Chicken - $22
our popular Indian style boneless corn-fed chicken fillets cooked with yogurt, nuts and slightly sweet tomato sauce

4. Lemon Chicken - $20
boneless corn-fed chicken fillets battered to crispy perfection, served with tangy lemon sauce

5. Sweet & Sour Chicken - $20
tender chicken breast lightly battered and served with our special sweet and sour sauce

6. Honey King Prawns or Honey Chicken - Prawn $29 / Chicken $20
king prawns or chicken fillets battered and wok tossed with honey sauce

7. Chinese Style Fillet Steak (bite size) - $29
top quality tenderloin steak sauteed with barbeque sauce

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Mains - Spicy Selections

image - refer to chilli guide

1. Chilli Prawns - $29
king prawns sauteed with hot beans, garlic and chilli sauce

2. Assam Prawns - $29
originating from Malaysia's Baba-Nyonya traditional recipe is our king prawns complemented with subtle combination of turmeric, cloves, garlic, chilli, shrimp paste and tomato

3. Lamb with Basil Leaves - $23
loin cut lamb sauteed with basil, a mixture of spices, oyster sauce and fresh chillies

4. Singapore Style Morton Bay Bugs - $40
fresh bugs cooked to perfection with a delicate blend of garlic, ginger and sweet chilli sauce, highly recommended

5. Five Flavour Beef - $22
corn-fed high quality beef sauteed with five luscious flavours - savoury, spicy, sour, sweet and minty

6. Szechuan Style Kung Pao Chicken - $20
customers' favorite, corn-fed chicken fillets sauteed with a mixture of soy sauce, dried chilli, ginger and topped with cashew nuts


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1. Chinese Vegetables - $13
buk choy (chinese cabbage) or kai lan (chinese leaf broccoli) stir-fried with garlic sauce or oyster sauce

2. Mixed Vegetables - $13
a combination of seasonal mixed vegetables stir-fried with garlic

3. Seasonal Vegetables with Belachan - $13
stir-fried vegetables with sprinkling of prawn paste (belachan), a popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore

4. Seasonal Vegetables with Belachan - $13
stir-fried vegetables with sprinkling of prawn paste (belachan), a popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore

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Rice and Noodles

1. Steamed Rice - $4 per bowl / $10 large
a staple in the Asian culture, our rice is steamed with great care and attention

2. Fried Rice or vegetable fried rice - $9 small / $12 large
the tastiest in town

3. Nasi Goreng - $9 small / $12 large
Malaysian style fried rice
image - refer to chilli guide

4. Thai Fried Rice - $9 small / $12 large
spicy fried rice with chicken and vegetables

5. Special Fried Rice - $15
fried rice with chicken, egg and vegetables

6. Char Kiew Tiew - $15 / vegetarian $11
spicy flat noodles stir-fried with egg, calamari, prawns and bean sprouts
image - refer to chilli guide

7. Char Bee Hoon (Singapore Fried Noodles) - $15 / vegetarian $11
rice vermicelli noodles stir-fried with chicken, bean sprouts and hint of curry

8. Mee Goreng (Malaysian Fried Noodles) - $15 / vegetarian $11
spicy soft egg noodles stir-fried with a hint of chilli sauce, shrimp, onions and sliced chicken

9. Hokkien Mee - $15 / vegetarian $11
thick soft yellow tubular noodles with king prawns, beef, chicken and green vegetables cooked in our special sauce

10. Malaysian Laksa - $15 / vegetarian $11
thin vermicelli rice noodles with chicken, prawns, tofu, bean sprout and coconut milk, a popular soup-based noodle dish in Malaysia and Singapore
image - refer to chilli guide

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